Spiritual Reflections

Poem by Mack Hager – October 24, 2018:

“Rise & Shine”

Rise & Shine from the Inside Out,

Rise & Shine through the fear and the Doubt.

Rise from the muck of the miry clay.

Rise to the dawning of a brand new day.

Shine through the Fog and let there be light,

Shine with a heavenly brightness that will brighten the darkest night.

Rise up when you’re weary & down,

Shine like the King of Heaven who wears a well deserved Crown.



Poem by Mack Hager – October 24, 2019:

“To Hunger & Thirst”

Let us hunger for the Sacred Bread of Life,

To free us from an existence of Strife.

Let us hunger for the Holy Ghost,

the one true friend we need the most.

Let us hunger for His guidance and touch,

for the wisdom that we need so much.

Let us thirst for His wisdom and truth,

for our elders and our growing youth.

Let us thirst for the new Holy Wine,

to refresh us as we come to dine.

Let us look forward to the marriage feast of the Lamb of God,

and as we enter in we kneel and nod.

May He Bless us gratefulness for all He supplies.