Message from:

The Rev. Steven L. McCarty – Priest

Vicar of

 St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

Clear Spring, Maryland

The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage

(Updated July 2017)

Any couple wishing to be married in the Church must plan well in advance. There will be no less than 3 counseling sessions, and no marriage service will be officiated with less than 60 days notice to me. Divorced couples must provide a copy of a final divorce decree which will be sent to the Bishop’s office. The Bishop is the approving authority for any divorced couple to be married in this Church. 

All couples wishing to be married will sign a Declaration of Consent in the presence of the Priest promising their life long committment to each other. At least one of the couples must be Baptized.

I have the right refuse to officiate any marriage request.

I do not officiate same sex marriage services. Anyone seeking to have a same sex marriage service may contact the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland in Baltimore at 410-467-1399. The Diocesan office has a record of Episcopal Clergy who will officiate same sex marriage services within the Diocese of Maryland.

Fr. Steve+