2016 Vicar’s Annual Report


Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church

22 Cumberland Street, Clear Spring, Maryland


The Rev’d. Steven L. McCarty (Priest) – Vicar of St. Andrew’s

The Rev’d John Cozzoli – Deacon


Annual 2016 Report to the Congregation

Given March 12, 2017

Almighty and everliving God, ruler of all things in heaven and earth, hear our prayers for this parish family. Strengthen the faithful, arouse the careless, and restore the penitent. Grant us all things necessary for our common life, and bring us all to be of one heart and mind within your holy Church; through Jesus Christ our Lord.    Amen  (BCP p. 817)

All Episcopal Churches prepare an Annual Report for their congregations. The format for these reports are varied, depending on the size of the congregation, and the preferences of the local clergy. As your priest, I prefer to submit a much simpler Annual Report.

Many of my colleagues at their annual meetings will recognize a certain person(s); couple, etc. with a Rector’s/Vicar’s Award. This award is presented to a person in the congregation who they believe stand out among their peers. At St. Andrew’s it is impossible for me to recognize any one particular person, or family. There are so many here at St. Andrew’s who step “up to the plate”, and go above and beyond. Whether it is mowing the grass; fixing the plumbing; rebuilding our balcony; making eggs; cooking for a fundraiser; packing backpacks; assisting with worship services at a group home; etc. – You all get it done. For this we are so Blessed to have so many people “step up to the plate”.  For this, I say; “Thank You”.

At the top of this page, you see the familiar shield of the Episcopal Church. Before I explain the significance of this shield, it is really important to understand how many people have come to call the Episcopal Church their Spiritual home and rely on this shield – especially when traveling or looking for a new Church home. This shield is a guiding “Beacon” of comfort and welcome. In my letter to our Bishop’s Office when seeking support to do a monthly Celtic Mass in Mercersburg, Pa. one of the things I said was that there was no “Episcopal Brand” in this area of Franklin County. Following the Canonical requirements, I was able to bring the “Episcopal Brand” to Mercersburg by doing a monthly Celtic Mass at Flannery’s on the Square. Yes, it is a unique ministry, but you have all come to know that I “step outside the box”.

*[Episcopal Shield – Officially adopted at the General Convention in 1940]

The red cross on a white field is an ancient Christian symbol, white representing the purity of Jesus and red representing his sacrifice on the cross and the blood of Christian martyrs. The red cross is also known as the cross of St. George, patron saint of Emgland, and indicates the Episcopal Church’s descent from the Church of England. The blue field in the upper left is the color traditionally associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary and is symbolic of Jesus’ human nature, which he received from his mother. The X-shaped cross is the cross of St. Andrew, patron saint of Scotland, and recalls the Episcopal Church’s indebtness to the Scottish Episcopal Church for the consecration of its first bishop, Samuel Seabury, as Bishop of Connecticut in 1784. The St. Andrew’s cross is made up of nine smaller cross-crosslets that represent the nine original American dioceses which met in Philadelphia in 1789 to adopt the constitution of the Episcopal Church.These orginal diocese are: Connecticut (est. 1783); Maryland (est. 1783); Massachusetts (est. 1784); Pennsylvania (est. 1784); New Jersey (est. 1785); New yoyk (est. 1785); South Carolina (est. 1785); Virginia (est. 1785), and Delaware (est. 1786).

*The Episcopal Handbook, Morehouse,2008, pages 11-12

Unoffically; I describe that our Mission at St. Andrew’s is to Share the Good News of Jesus Christ to All. Our Vision is to GROW in LOVE!  I believe that we are accomplishing this Mission and Vision.

2016 Ministry at a Glance.

An anonymous donor from St. Andrew’s purchased an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) for the Church.

9 people from St. Andrew’s (inlcuding your Vicar & Deacon) were trained and certified in Narcan Training and issued the lifesaving drug to help reverse the effects of opiate (Heroin) overdoses.

We had many people help support our local volunteer fire department by working the Bingo building at the Annual Clear Spring Volunteer Fire Department Carnival.

Micah Backpack Food Program: We are into our 7th. year of feeding school guidance counselor designated children in need at Clear Spring Elementary School. We provide food for these students to take home and help provide them nourishment on the weekends. At the Church, we call these backpacks, “Compassion Packs”, and we feed between 15-20 students every weekend during the school year.

Holly Place Monthly Worship – Hagerstown: We are into our 8th. year (I started this when I came here as a Deacon in 2009.) of providing the only regualr worship service to the residents of Holly Place, a low income assistant living facility on S. Potomac Street, Hagerstown, Maryland.

Johns Hopkins Children’s Center WWMX – Mix 106.5 Radiothon: Our first team of volunteers travelled to the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Hospital in Baltimore and assisted with the Annual two day fund raising event. Over $1,000,000.00 dollars was raised!

West Virginia Flood Relief: The congregation helped support reliefs efforst by volunteering money resources to the flood victims of South Eastern West Virginia. Father Steve and Joe Semler made the first trip two flood relief centers in July to help with relief efforst; then our organist, Daniel Weatherholt, traveled with Father Steve in August to take relief supplies, and to work at the relief center in Greenbrier County.

Marine Corp Toys-4-Tots: We had volunteers help with the Annual Marine Corps Toys-4-Tots. Boxes were place in businesses, and we also on distribution day.

Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes: This ministry through the worldwide Samaritan Purse Fund overseen by Franklin Graham again was supported very well in 2016 – We did over 40 shoeboxes.

Recognition brought to the former A.M.E. Church & Cemetery: Recognition was brought to the former A.M.E Church and Cemetery on S. Martin Street. Through the ministry of St. Andrew’s; Father Steve Celebrated the Holy Eucharist in the foundation of the former Little Metropolitan A.M.E Church on All Souls Day. This event was covered by the Herald Mail Newspaper, and Channel 6.

Slave Balcony Restored: As a gift from the Confirmation Classes of 2015/2016; and through other donations, and by the hard work; carpenter skills, and leadership of Joe Semler; our Slave Balcony was restored inside the Church. On his Official Episcopal Visitation in May, Bishop Sutton re-dedicated the balcony, and Blessed Joe Semler’s hands.

Candy Egg Making Fundrasier: Much work was done by many to make our popular peanut butter, and coconut eggs. These eggs are sold before they are made. The eggs could not be made without the donations of supplies, and could not be made without the hard work and leadership of the women of the Church. Special thanks to Darlene Semler for leading this project, and passing on the know how to others. 

Bingo Fundraiser for Handicap Project: The Church did a large bingo at the Williamsport Volunteer Fire Department Social building in late October. Thanks to Penny Yetter for organizing this. The bingo netted around $3,000.00 for St. Andrew’s to help support our planned handicap building project.

B.B.Q. Chicken: We had one B.B.Q. chicken fundraiser to help support our ministries. Thanks to those who helped support this project.

Turkey Dinner Fundraiser: Again, Penny organized our spring Turkey Dinner that was held inside Perry Hall. This project supported our ministry golas.

High School Advanced Placement Testing: For the 5th year; St. Andrew’s provided a location for the students at Clear Spring High School Students taking the Advanced Placement Tests. The testing is over the course of several days.

Alcoholic Anonymous: A.A. meets every Thursday in the Church parish hall beginning at 7:00 p.m. This weekly A.A. meeting averages around 35 people.

Children’s Sunday School: Thanks to Beth McCarty; Rhett McCarty; Amy Babbie; Lucinda Rector, and other volunteers, our children enjoy attending Sunday School. These volunteers work really well with the children, and provide them with activities and crafts.

Adult Education: We average around 18 adults for our weekly Adult Education.

Christmas Parade & Float: Clear Spring held it’s first Christmas Parade in December. The Church had a float (Thanks to Larry Gerber’s rollback truck.) Blake; Ella; Melanie; Father Steve, and Chuck, road the float carrying our Church banner. Elizabeth & Courtney walked (ran) beside the float and handed out candy. We also had magnetic signs on the side of the float telling people who we were.

Palm Sunday Outside Procession: Our outside Palm Sunday process was recorded both on the ground and in the air via a drone. The video is posted on YouTube. 

LiveStreaming “Audience” Growing: Our LiveStreaming on FaceBook has a large worldly audience. We are averaging between 300 – 500 people who watch the LiveStreaming of Sunday our worship services. We have had up to 3,000 people watch one service! The comments are all positive, and affirming of our inentions to share the Gospel to the social media world.

Three Sunday Services: In October, Father Steve introduced more worship opportunities. The earliest service begins at 7:30 a.m. and is a “Quiet” Eucharist. Fifteen minutes prior to the 7:30 a.m. service, there is Contemplative Prayer accompanied by recorded Gregorian Chant. The Quiet Eucharist is averages around 8 people per service. The Church is “darkened” at the 7:30 service a.m. and has a monastic feeling. The 9:00 a.m. Eucharist is advertised as the Family/Festive Holy Eucharist and is just that. We have organ music, singing, and of course the beautiful sounds of children. On the 1st Sunday of the month, we have an 11:00 a.m. Celtic Mass in the rear dining room at Flannery’s on the Square in Mercersburg.

Memership – Attendance – Service Statistics for 2016

Total increased members: – 16

Total Baptized Members: –  130

Adult Communicants in good standing – 55

Youth Communicants in good standing – 13

Total  Communicants in good standing –  68

Average Sunday Attendance – 45

Easter Sunday Attendance – 58

Christmas Eve Attendance (2 services) – 123

Total Sunday & Saturday Evening Eucharists – 83

Total Weekday Eucharists – 33

Total Private Eucharists – 4

Daily Offices held on weekdays – 18

Burials Conducted – 4

Baptisms 16 years and older – 4

Baptisms under 16 years of age – 7

Confirmations 16 years and older – 9

Confirmations under 16 years of age – 1

Total Church School students – 10

Number of Adults engaged in religious education – 18

In Nomine Patris et Filii Spiritus Sanctus

The Rev’d. Steven L. McCarty – Priest