St. Andrew’s 

 Episcopal Church

22 Cumberland Street, Clear Spring, Maryland


“Open Doors – Open Arms – Open Hearts”

The Sunday of the Resurrection 


April 21, 2019


Welcome to St. Andrew’s: This morning you are worshipping in the oldest continuing operating Church in the town of Clear Spring. The congregation of St. Andrew’s began in 1839, and this Church was built in 1840. We are happy that you have chosen to be with us this morning on this Festive Easter Sunday, the day that we Celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord.

The Lights Will Come On: In case you are wondering why the lights are off, there is a curtain blocking your view of the chancel area and Altar, and there is a “Stone Tomb” in front of the Church. This will all change when Father Steve makes the Easter Acclamation! In fact, the children are invited to accompany Father Steve to “The Tomb” this morning. What will they find, or not find?

Easter Egg Hunt & Gifts for Children: The children’s Easter Egg Hunt will follow the Easter Sunday Service this morning, and Father Steve has a gift for all the children.

Flowering of the Cross: During the service this morning, the children are invited to come forward and flower the Cross. This is the same Cross that we put nails in on Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday.

Children will sing before Offertory: The children will sing a short song before the Offertory.

Adults will Sign a Song this morning. The Adult Sign Language students will accompany and sign to the recorded version of Kelly Mooney’s Easter Hallelujah. As a programming note. St. Andrew’s does not own the rights to the song.

Special Presentation of Israel this Wednesday Evening: Following Evening Prayer this Wednesday (April 24th), The Rev. Anne Weatherholt, will give us a special presentation on her recent trips to the Holy Land. The presentation will be held in Perry Hall beginning at 6:30 p.m.

All Services are Livestreamed: All services at St. Andrew’s are Livestreamed on the Church Facebook Page. St. Andrew’s actually has a Worldwide weekly following!

Father Steve’s Booklet: If you have not obtained a copy of Father Steve’ booklet, “The Holy Eucharist – My Alpha & Omega”. Please consider getting your copy. The reviews have been very positive. 100% of the proceeds for the booklet go towards the handicap building project. Father Steve is asking for a donation of at least $5.00 for the booklet. So far, over $600.00 have been raised for the handicap building project from the sale of Father Steve’s booklet. 

3 Baptisms Next Sunday: Next Sunday, the Second Sunday of Easter, April 28th, Father Steve will Baptize 3 young people. Please be with us as these 3 people commit themselves into the Body of Christ.

Sunday Supply Schedule Posted: The Sunday clergy supply schedule to cover while Father Steve is on Sabbatical has been posted on the bulletin boards, and on the Church website. Remember: There will ONLY be one service a week, that being Sunday at 9:00 a.m. All other services will be put on hold until Father Steve returns from Sabbatical. The recording of music will continue by our organist, but there will be no Livestreaming of services on the Saint Andrew’s Facebook page. Father Steve will be doing a wedding, off campus, in June. If, in the event, there is a serious pastoral emergency that involves an active parishioner of St. Andrew’s, Father Steve will return to handle that incident while on his Sabbatical. Father Steve will begin his Sabbatical, following all services, and special activities on May 12th, and end his Sabbatical, and return to St. Andrew’s on Sunday, August 11th.

A.P. Testing: Again, St. Andrew’s will be used for Advanced Placement Testing for Clear Spring High School Students. The testing is in Perry Hall, and the dates are May 9th, and May 16th. Father Steve is looking for a volunteer to help set the parish hall up for testing on these two dates.

St. Andrew’s Printed Prayer List (By permission):

Kathi – Ramie – Tommie – Deacon John – Dan – Tommie – Thim – Mary – Payton – Rich – Denise – Carrol – Chuck – Jill – Stacy – Carlene – Staci – Randy – Annie – Margaret – Marsha – Christa – Beverly – Ray – Gail – Mary – Richard – Emma Kelby -Staci- Carrie – Steve – Dave – Michael – Carlene Sonja -Sharon – NancyPatAndyRogerTheodore “Baby Teddy” – Jacki – Dennis – Elizabeth – Chuck – Faye – Kelsey – Jess – Phil – John – Wyatt – Dottie – Kate – Curtis – Dick – Carlene – Darlene Adams – Sloan – Keith – All Police Officers – Our Military – The First Responders of Our Communities – The Residents of Holly Place – The Homeless – Those suffering addictions – Those with mental illness – The unborn children; those who were never given a chance to be born.

In the Military: Bubba Neville

The Anglican Communion Cycle of Prayer for Sunday, April 21, 2019:

Pray for Peace of Jerusalem and the People of the Land of the Holy One.

Episcopal Diocese of Maryland Cycle of Prayer for April 21, 2019:

St. Christopher’s, Linthicum Heights

St. John’s, Ellicott City

St. Mark’s, Highland

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