Easter II – April 11th

Easter II – April 11th

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

22 Cumberland Street, Clear Spring, MD.


April 11, 2021 

Easter II

Good Morning: From Father Steve: “The Sunday after Easter Sunday is what we jokingly call “Low Sunday”. The attendance from the previous Sunday (Easter Sunday) has a big drop. However; I know some clergy who end up taking a much deserved vacation or cruise after Easter Sunday. With all this said, we had a very nice Holy Week, and Easter Sunday. Everything around the Church was uplifting & beautiful. Thank You to all who made (and continue to make) this possible at St. Andrew’s”

Pam Staley Memorial Service – Tomorrow – April 12th: The Memorial Service for Pam Staley will be here tomorrow, April 12th., beginning at 11:00 a.m. This will be the full Burial Office Rite II, including Holy Communion. Fellowship will follow inside Perry Hall. 

Church With No Walls (CWNW): CWNW is a ministry outside the realms of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, although, so far, the hosts are parishioners from St. Andrew’s. You could describe CWNW as a “House Church”, and it follows the concepts of the original foundations of the Church. CWNM meets at the homes/property of different hosts at least once a month. A Gospel Reading & Message is delivered; various volunteers share in leading the Prayers; people share in the Laying on of Hands for Healing; Modern Contemporary Music is played, and there is Communion. These meetings are never in conflict with the regular service times or ministry at St. Andrew’s. In fact, CWNW has enhanced the ministry at St. Andrew’s. On Easter Sunday, at 6:30 a.m.; CWNW had a beautiful Sunrise Service at the property, of Chris & Amy Babbie (who have hosted several CWNW’s meetings) CWNW has allowed people to expand their Love for the Lord through Scripture & Fellowship. Want to know more about CWNW? Go to the Church With No Walls Facebook page & Like It. 

Parish Nurse Ministry Beyond the Red Doors: From Father Steve: “I know she does not seek accolades for her work, but I am giving a ‘Shout Out’ to my wife Melanie, one of our Parish Nurses, for volunteering to be a vaccinator for the COVID vaccine. She continues to donate her time, and skills, to volunteer for the Washington County Health Department. The decision to receive or not receive the vaccine is a personal decision. With this said, I know at least 15 of us at St. Andrew’s have received the vaccine. Melanie & I made 4 trips (2 for her & 2 for me) to the Mass Vaccination site in Prince Georges County, Maryland to receive our COVID vaccinations.” 

Ongoing Prayers & Needs:  Miles Mummert – George & Geraldine Settle – Bendy – Susie – Bella – Tammey Brown -Pastor Jeff Hawbaker – Chelsea – Kathy – Dicky – Mike – Stephanie – Lona – Pam – Carlene – Thomas – Faye Wendy – Stacy – Juanita – Judy C. – Dave & Kathi – Don – Payson. The Homeless. Those struggling with addictions. Those Suffering from Dementia – The Police Officers of this Country. All First Responders. Those in the medical profession, and all hospital workers. Our Elected Leaders. Our Country.

Active Military: Benjamin Benner (USN)

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