Pentecost XIII – August 30th

Pentecost XIII – August 30th

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

22 Cumberland Street, Clear Spring, MD.

August 30, 2020       

Pentecost XIII


Church With No Walls” : Our once a month additional worship opportunity at St. Andrew’s, “Church With No Walls”, last Sunday was great. Thanks to Kent & Sheila for being our August host. Thanks to Chris & Amy for hosting our first Church With No Walls service in July. The food & fellowship at these new services are something that you should not miss, unless circumstances do not allow you to attend. This service, and the fellowship; is done in a SAFE – OPEN – OUTSIDE, setting. The October “Church With No Walls” will be hosted again by Chris and Amy on a Saturday evening which will include a Bon-Fire!  Dicky & Kathy Repp will be our November hosts. (See below for September.)

Mark the Date for September “Church With No Walls”: Our September date for the “Church With No Walls” is Sunday, September 20th @ 11:00 a.m. at MIller’s Farmstead; U.S. Route 40 (Corner Spickler Road). Elizabeth Miller is our September host. Parishioner Marcel Wenker (As you know is an outstanding, professionally trained Chef.) will be providing the main entree for the food & fellowship following the service. The main entree will be Pulled Pork; Bratwurst; and German Potato Salad. You may also bring covered dishes. Please let Elizabeth Miller know if you will be attending. This service, and the fellowship; is done in a SAFE – OPEN – OUTSIDE, setting. 

Blessing of the Teachers – Students -School Employees Today: Father Steve will Bless the Teachers; Students, and School Employees today. Washington County teachers returned last week, and Washington County Public School Students return (virtual) tomorrow, August 31st. 

Adult Education Will Return in October:  We will read the following book; “The Lost Letters of Pergamum – A Story from the New Testament World” by Bruce W. Longenecker. The book is fiction, but every person who has read it, believes it is non-fiction, including Father Steve. You will be surprised in the outcome of this book. As we get closer to October, we will discuss this book during Adult Education. The book is in paperback, and the Adult Education class is asked to pay for their own copies. A roster is going around the Church for those who want Father Steve to order the book. The cost (at this time) is $14.49 per book through Amazon. If you have not paid for the book; please make a check out to Father Steve’s discretionary account. Cash will also be accepted. Father Steve will order the book through Amazon. Remember, you may also order the book on your own.

Sunday school Classes are now “ZOOMED”: Our Children’s Sunday school classes are now ZOOMED live on the internet.

Orange Phase: We are now in the Diocesan approved “Orange Phase”. There are some requirements, and restrictions for us to be in this phase of “Regathering”. Please follow the directions on the posted signs, and from our ushers. The tape on the floor, and in the pews, mark the Social Distancing requirements. Those who live together, are exempted from the Social Distancing requirements. However, please do not sit in the pews that are closed. 

Receiving Holy Communion: Please come to the Communion rail to receive the Sacrament (Bread). You may stand only, and we can have 3 people at the rail the same time and follow the Social Distancing requirements. Those living together are exempted from the distancing requirements at the Communion Rail, but are required to stand while receiving the Sacrament.

Western Theme” for Rally Sunday – September 27th: Since we have a few “Cowboys/Cowgirls” in the congregation, Father Steve talked to the Sunday school teachers about the whole congregation participating in a “Western Theme” Sunday. If you have anything that you think is Western, or makes you look like a “Cowboy/Cowgirl”, we are asking you to wear it on Rally Sunday, September 27th.

Ongoing Prayers & Needs:  Cindy – The Right Reverend Robert W. Ihloff – The Rev. Mark Ricker – Kevin – Tim – Jennifer – The Rev. Elizabeth Sipos – Polly – Lynn – Sandy – Kathi – Eric & Regan – Pam – Don – Geraldine & George. The victims of Hurricane Laura – The Homeless. The Police Officers of this Country. All First Responders. Those in the medical profession, and all hospital workers. Our Elected Leaders.

Prayers for those in the Military: Benjamin Benner

Anglican Communion Cycle of Prayer

Pray for the united Church of South India

The Most Revd Dharmaraj Rasalam – Moderator of CSI & Bishop of South Kerala

Episcopal Diocese of Maryland Cycle of Prayer

St Mary’s, Woodlawn

St Peter’s, Ellicott City

St Paul’s, Mt. Airy

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