Easter V – Mother’s Day – May 10th

Easter V – Mother’s Day – May 10th

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

22 Cumberland Street, Clear Spring, MD.


(Mailing: P.O. Box 189, Clear spring, Maryland 21722)

May 10, 2020       Easter V

 “Mother’s Day”

9:00 a.m. Drive-In Church*      10:00 a.m. Confirmation Class

*Drive-In Church: Until further notice, all Public (In Person) Worship is suspended in the Diocese of Maryland due to the COVID Virus. However, under the current State of Maryland guidelines, we are allowed to have “Drive-In Church”. Please remain inside your vehicles during this special service of the Liturgy of the Word. A worship assistant will bring to your vehicle, a Scripture insert, and Hymn sheet. Today, all the women will receive flowers from the Church. You may exit your vehicles to use the facilities. After the Liturgy of the Word, Father Steve, Deacon John, and the worship assistants will go inside the Church, and Father Steve will do the Holy Eucharist with “Spiritual Communion” from the Altar for those not able to receive the Sacrament at this time. As has been the practice at St. Andrew’s since 2013, all services are Livestreamed on the Church Facebook page.

Soon We Will Be Moving Back to “In-Person Worship”: Please continue to Pray for things to get back to “Semi-Normal” for In-Person Worship. Your clergy have been in contact with our Bishops through weekly ZOOM meetings. Things will eventually start moving in the direction towards Public (In-Person) Worship, meaning being back inside the Church. As anticipated, there will be phases to this recovery, and seating modifications, but Father Steve has been planning for these modifications. Father Steve understands that some will not be happy with the seating modifications, but this must take place before we will be allowed to move into Phase Two, which will allow us to start having “In-Person” Worship with more than 10 people. All the Vicars/Rectors in the Diocese will be required to submit their plan to the Bishop for approval before we are allowed to move into Phase Two. There will be other restrictions in these phase in periods, some of which may require the wearing of masks. Father Steve has ordered masks for worshippers that may not have a mask. 

ZOOM Get Togethers: Father Steve has purchased ZOOM PRO for the Church, and has started ZOOM “Get Togethers”. Please let Father Steve know if you would like to join an online ZOOM “Get Together”.

Morning Prayer / Monday – Friday: Father Steve Livestreams the Daily Office of Morning Prayer, Monday – Friday at 9:00 a.m. We are allowed to have 10 people (Total includes the Clergy & worship assistants.) inside the Church during Morning Prayer, and all the other services. Feel free to stop in for Morning Prayer. Please practice social distancing. Hand sanitizer is available at the front door, and in the pews.

St. Andrew’s Strong / Faith Over Fear” T-shirts: Please see Ashley; Lucinda, or Amy, about ordering our new shirts. Cost will be $20.00 dollars, with $5.00 going towards the Church.

Ongoing Prayers & Needs: Kathi – Eric & Regan – Pam – Don – Nell. The Homeless. All First Responders. Those in the medical profession, and all hospital workers.

Prayers for those in the Military: Benjamin Benner

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