Easter III – April 26th

Easter III – April 26th

St. Andrew’s 

 Episcopal Church

22 Cumberland Street, Clear Spring, Maryland


 Easter III

April 26, 2020

Public Worship* Suspended  – COVID Virus




Drive-In Church: Please park in the lower parking lot, with your vehicles facing the upper parking lot. The upper parking lot will be used for overflow parking.”  Please do not exit your vehicles.  A hymn sheet, and scripture insert will be placed under your vehicle windshield wipers for you to retrieve. You may exit your vehicle if you need to use the restroom facilities. Service will be Livestreamed.

In Person Services and/or meetings: At this time, we are allowed to have up to 10 people inside the Church for any In Person Service; class, or meeting. The clergy; and worship assistants, are included in this total number for In Person Services. Maintain Social Distancing & use the hand sanitizers that are provided throughout the Church Campus.

Morning Prayer – Monday through Friday at 9:00 a.m. Father Steve Livestreams Morning Prayer from the Church, Monday through Friday at 9:00 a.m. 

Pledges to the Church During Shutdown: If you are not signed up for our Online pay (Pushpay); please mail your Offerings to the Church: St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, P.O. Box 189, Clear Spring, MD. 21722

Advisory Board Meeting: There will be an Advisory Board Meeting, tomorrow night, Monday, April 27th, 2020, inside the Church, beginning at 7:00 p.m. This will be a very important meeting as Father Steve will discuss the current issues we face with COVID, and the obstacles we will be facing in the future at St. Andrew’s due to the size of our worship space. Our worship space in relationship to “Social Distancing” requirements, will have a tremendous impact on worship at St. Andrew’s, and other small Churches in the Diocese. According to Bishop Sutton, we may be looking at 2 years before things get back to normal.

Illness – Shut Ins – and Ongoing Needs:

Tim – Tommy – Sue – Carlene – Pam – Hilda – Jennifer – Brenda – Wyatt – Kathi – Christine Michelle – Patti – Ed – Don – Nell – Dana – Those suffering from the Flu. Those suffering from the Coronavirus. The Homeless. Those who suffer from addictions.  Our Military – Police Officers – Correctional Officers –  Fire Departments & Rescue Squads. Our Utility Workers.

In the Military: Benjamin Benner

* Public Worship:  Regular Gathering of Worshippers inside the Church.

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