Easter Sunday – April 12th

Easter Sunday – April 12th

St. Andrew’s 

 Episcopal Church

22 Cumberland Street, Clear Spring, Maryland


 Easter Sunday

April 12, 2020

Public Worship Suspended Until May 16th COVID Crisis*



Easter Sunday & Drive-In Church: Special Message From Father Steve: “Bishop Sutton as many are aware, has suspended Public Worship (Full Church Attendance & Receiving of Holy Communion.) in the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, until at least May 16th. However, in one of our weekly online webinar meetings, Bishop Sutton has asked the clergy to be creative during the social distancing restrictions in place during this pandemic. Bishop Sutton contacted the Governors Office for clarification on the Churches during this virus crisis. An Interpretative Guidance from the Office of Legal Counsel for the Governor’s Office was sent out, dated April 1, 2020. This guidance states there can be Drive-In Religious Services, and sets the guidelines for such services. I have a copy of the Interpretive Guidance Directive. Last Sunday, Palm Sunday, we had our first Drive-In Service in the lower rear parking lot of the Church. After the Blessing of the Palms last Sunday, the Palms were placed under the windshield wipers of the vehicles, and when the Drive-In participants left the parking lot, they stopped and retrieved their Palms. Everyone was able to hear the Liturgy of the Word from Deacon John, and myself, including the Passion Narrative. Our portable P.A. system did an excellent job! After the Liturgy of the Word, I went inside the Church and Celebrated the Mass of Intention (Representing everyone who cannot receive the Sacrament at this time.) Today, Easter Sunday, we will have a “Drive-In Church” in the lower rear parking lot. Deacon John, and myself, will do the Liturgy of the Word, and there will be two hymns. After the Liturgy of the Word, I will go inside the Church and Celebrate the Mass. Please park in the lower parking lot, with your vehicles facing the upper parking lot. The upper parking lot will be used for overflow parking.” Please do not exit your vehicles. The order from the Governor’s Office specifically states that you are not allowed to interact physically with the clergy; participants, or people in other vehicles. A hymn sheet, and scripture insert will be placed under your vehicle windshield wipers for you to retrieve. You may exit your vehicle if you need to use the restroom facilities. Service will be Livestreamed.

ASL: There will be no Monday Morning ASL Class on Easter Moday, April 13th.

Morning Prayer – Monday through Friday at 9:00 a.m. Father Steve Livestreams Morning Prayer from the Church, Monday through Friday at 9:00 a.m. 

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