Lent II – Sunday March 8th

Lent II – Sunday March 8th

St. Andrew’s 

 Episcopal Church

22 Cumberland Street, Clear Spring, Maryland


 Second Sunday in Lent

March 8, 2020

“Day Light Saving Time Begins”



Coronavirus Precautions: Hand disinfectant is in all the pews. As with any virus, use common sense. If you have any cold symptoms, refrain from shaking hands, or hugging during the Peace. Have Stomach Bug or Flu Symptoms – Please Stay Home!

Silent Procession & The Penitential Order: On this Second Sunday in Lent, we are beginning the Holy Eucharist with the Penitential Order Rite One, page 319 of the Book of Common Prayer. The silent procession will proceed to the Altar as usual for the opening of the service. Following the Salutation, we will go into the Decaloque beginning on page 317 of the BCP. Following the Decaloque, Father Steve will lead us into the Sh’ma Yisrael, and Great Commandments at the bottom of page 319, and lead us into the Confession on page 320, the Absolution, then the Kyrie, and Collect for the Day, before the Readings of the Day. A lot to remember? – Do not worry; Father Steve will guide everyone through the service.

Liturgy & Verbal Responses During Lent: It has been the practice of Father Steve to use Rite I of the Holy Eucharist during Lent. With Rite I; the verbal responses to the acclamations, and the pronouncement of the Holy Gospel are different, than we have with Rite II. Follow the service in the Prayer Book. Also; during Lent, and not until the Easter Acclamation, will we use the word “Alleluia” anywhere in the Liturgy.

Turn Clocks Ahead Today: If you arrived on time today, that means you set your clocks ahead for Day Light Saving Time.

Friday Livestreaming Program “Friday Fish Eaters”: On Fridays during Lent, Father Steve will Livestream on Facebook a weekly 1/2 hour program, “Friday Fish Eaters”. The format for this weekly program will involve the Gospel Reading that we will hear for the following Sunday, and a short Homily on this Gospel. This weekly program will precede the Friday Meatless Meal, and Bible Study. On Friday, March 20th, Father Steve will not be here for the Meatless Meal, and Bible Study, HOWEVER, he will still Livestream the Weekly “Friday Fish Eaters” program from Pawley’s Island, S.C.

Stations of the Cross: Anyone who would like to do the Stations of the Cross at St. Andrew’s, especially during Lent, the Guide Booklets are in the Narthex. Let Father Steve know when you would like to set some personal time, or as a group, to do the Stations. Also, Father Steve will Livestream the Stations at some point during Lent.

Private Confession: Private Confession & Absolution is available year round, however, Lent, is a good time of the year to receive this Sacrament of the Church from Father Steve.

Confirmation Classes of 2020 Began Last Week: Confirmation Classes began last week. Father Steve puts a tremendous amount of work into preparing & teaching these classes to the Confirmands. Everyone who has attended these classes in the past, and even those who do so each year as refresher, learn something new about the Church, and our historic practices. One thing that became evident last week, was that it will be much more efficient for Father Steve to Livestream the Confirmation Classes, and use this format for archiving the Classes. Posting to our Youtube Channel is very time consuming, and cannot be posted in a timely manner. Also, with our new sound system for Livestreaming, the audio will be better if the classes are Livestreamed. Father Steve will not respond to questions or comments that may come in during the Livestreaming of the Confirmation Classes – These questions and/or comments will be deleted after the program goes off the air. The main purpose for the Livestreaming of the Confirmation Classes are for our folks here at St. Andrew’s who are not able to attend all the classes on Sunday Mornings.

St. Andrew’s at Martha’s House – Hancock – Next Sunday: Martha’s House on Main Street in Hancock, is one of the outreach programs for children and families in Hancock. Recently, they put a really neat “Movie Theater” in the lower level. Various Church groups are asked to supervise movie nights, and days, at the theater. The movies are family/kid friendly. A meal is included before the movie, and the theater has a popcorn machine. Volunteers from St. Andrew’s will volunteer Next Sunday, March 15th. A meal will precede the movie, and the movie “Second Hand Lions”, will be shown in the theater. Everything is provided, all we need to do is show up; cook the meal; prepare the popcorn; supervise the attendees, and clean up. Volunteers are asked to start arriving at 12 noon on March 15th. to get the meal ready – We will be serving spaghetti & salad.(Again – All supplies for the meal will be there.)

Illness – Shut Ins – and Ongoing Needs:

Tommy – Sue – Carlene – Pam – Hilda – Jennifer – Brenda – Wyatt – Kathi – Christine – Michelle – Patti – Ed – Nancy – Don – Doug – Bruce – Nell – Dana – Those suffering from the Flu. Those suffering from the Coronavirus. The Homeless. Those who suffer from addictions.  Our Military – Police Officers – Correctional Officers –  Fire Departments & Rescue Squads. Our Utility Workers.

In the Military: Benjamin Benner

Prayers for the Anglican Communion:

Pray for the Province de L’Eglise Anglicane Du Congo

The Most Revd Zacharie Masimango Katanda – Archbishop of the Congo & Bishop of Kindu

Prayers for the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland:

Emmanuel, Baltimore

Grace & St Peter’s, Baltimore

Guardian Angel, Baltimore

“God Loves You”

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