Spiritual Reflection by Renee’ Rivera

Spiritual Reflection by Renee’ Rivera

God’s Favor in My Life

Renee’ Rivera

I was called to write about Gods favor in my life.

In listening to one of our Sermons, the congregation was given an assignment to share on this topic: “God’s Favor in My Life”

So here goes:

In search of understanding and trying to find my purpose, I choose to look at most things in my life as Gods favor to fulfill his purpose for me. I find it in ordinary things, nothing earth shattering. Something as simple as turning left on a busy road during prime-time traffic, and having the opening both ways right as I get to the turn…I find myself saying “Thank you, God”

I have always had food on my table and a roof over my head, clothes to wear, heat and hot water.

Gods favor in my life.

I am in good health and take no medicine. I have worked for the same company for 30 years,

I have a car. I am blessed with a beautiful family.

As the result of being bit by a neighbor’s dog as a child I always had a fear of Dogs., God exposed me to a situation that opened my mind and heart to the possibility of owning a dog.

I decided to get two, sisters from the same litter. I am so blessed to have learned what I had been missing. The unconditional love of a dog….and a love of all of God’s creatures.

Gods favor in my life.

When you are fully present and mindful of Gods role in our lives, it is so easy to recognize his favor. To know the favor of the Lord is to understand that everything in our lives comes from him. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. (ROMANS 8:31-39) The number of gifts we receive every day from our creator are countless. It is only because of him we live, and we can use what we have been given in this life.

I wake up in the morning, and taste that first cup of coffee. It is by the favor of God I can walk to my yard, see the heavens above, the clouds moving through and the early morning moon and stars,….feel the breeze blowing in my face , hear the birds, and smell the air.

Any and every little thing during the course of a day is because God created me, and it is by his hand that all things are possible. (MARK 9:23) As a believer and Christian, I have come to the realization that without him we are nothing and we have nothing. Without him I would not exist.

The following are just some stories of things that I believe are Gods favor in my life:

When my dad passed away, I was given his most prized possession…His Bible. Practicing and sharing his faith was how he lived his life. I am blessed with this gift.

Gods favor in my life.

Let me take you back to Thanksgiving season on 2003. I worked in a bank, and I lived in Maryland. My parents and 3 siblings lived in upstate New York, a brother in Missouri, and a Sister in Florida. At the last minute, my brother in New York decided to host a Thanksgiving Dinner for the family. I was not going to be able to attend due to short notice and the demands of my job. My coworkers heard me talking about it and told me they would cover for me so I could go. My younger brother (who was hosting the dinner) picked me up at the airport Thanksgiving morning, and I flew home to Maryland the next day. I was in New York less than 24 hours.

In August of 2004 I lost my older brother (who lived in Missouri) to cancer. The thanksgiving dinner in November of 2003 was the last time we were all together as a family.

God’s favor in my life.

God led me through a journey to Missouri to bring my brother home (New York) to be with his family.

On July 21, 2004, my sister in Florida and myself met at BWI and flew to Missouri. We spent the better part of a week gaining knowledge and perspective on his condition and gathered all his medical records. This was not an easy task, God opened doors for us to get everything in order. We knew our parents needed to lay eyes on him. We flew him back to New York. Every sibling played a vital road in his Journey to his Eternal home. He entered the larger life on

August 8, 2004.

My ability to write afforded me the opportunity and insight to journal that journey from the time we flew to Missouri, to assess his condition until he passed on August 8, 2004, surrounded by his family. A God given gift of writing I never knew I had until I moved to Maryland. Writing had become a means of communication with my friends and family in New York, due to the cost of long-distance calls back then. It also gave me the ability to share those days we spent in Missouri with my Parents.

I wrote and shared at My brother’s funeral, and since then I have done the same for loved ones lost, as I am a firm believer that no one should leave this world without a testimony to their life…. What a privilege.

Truly Gods favor in my life.

A few years ago, I left a toxic marriage. Along with that comes a certain amount of guilt, the feeling of failure, and of disappointing God. In search of a place to live, and I found my apartment, God opened every door that led me to it. It had everything I needed. I stayed in the country, and I was able to keep my two dogs that I love so much.

Gods favor in my life.

During this time, I walked into Church one Sunday, and I was presented with the privilege of LEM (Lay Eucharistic Minister) and to serve on the Altar at the 7 am service. This was a time in my life that I was feeling so undeserving, I was overwhelmed with gratitude at the realization of God’s Grace ….and his favor in my life. The day this happened was the date of my Fathers birthday, (he had passed in 2006) and I felt that he would have been so proud for me to

have been given this privilege. It was through his example as a man of strong faith that I learned the importance of

God and faith in our lives.

Gods Favor in my life.

Not so long ago, I was approached with an opportunity to move from my small apartment into a nice farmhouse, staying within my budget. This is not something I was actively seeking; it came out of nowhere. I feel so blessed every day when I wake up to be in this space, because I wasn’t sure where I would end up after leaving my marriage. In those times of change and healing, I was planted in a place where other people came into my life that needed support and assistance in different ways. Emotional support, kindness, or sharing scripture that would feed the souls

of these people in their circumstance. I was trying to find my own way back to wholeness, but by getting my eyes off myself and helping others, I felt a sense purpose.

 Gods favor in my life.

It is by the presence and power of the holy spirit that God has used me as conduit to help the hurting, support the addicted, and feed the homeless. He sent people into my life who had addictions, to open my eyes and heart and to teach me about the realities of addiction. This helped me to be able to support many young people and give them love and hope through the recovery process. Gods favor in my life. Anytime you can find a reason to help others is Gods favor in your life. It is these things that give him the opportunity to work through us for his higher purpose. (ROMANS 8:28)

As you move through your days, be mindful of everything and everyone put before you. Recognize the little things are such gifts to us. Things that may appear to be negative can actually be something happening to protect you from something else… for example, .getting out the door late, or waiting for that school bus picking up children….perhaps This is God’s favor in your life to avoid a dangerous situation down the road. Choose to be intentional in the course of your day to see God’s Favor in the ordinary things of life.


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