Pentecost XI

Pentecost XI

St. Andrew’s 

 Episcopal Church

“Grounded in Faith by the Word and Holy Sacrament”

22 Cumberland Street, Clear Spring, Maryland

The 11th Sunday after Pentecost

August 25, 2019



Sights & Sound “Jesus” Trip last Tuesday – August 20th: For those who have travelled to Sight & Sound Theatre in Ronks (Lancaster) Pennsylvania to see any of the Biblical Productions, you know how Amazing they are. We know some from St. Andrew’s have already travelled to see the “Jesus” production, however, we had a “contingent” of folks travel this past Tuesday to see the “Jesus” play. What an Amazing production!!!!

Evening Prayer this Wednesday: 5:15 p.m. Rosary. 6:00 p.m. Evening Prayer Rite I

Blessing of the Backpacks – Teachers & School Employees  & “Flat Jesus”: School backpacks; School Teachers; School Employees,  & “Flat Jesus” will be Blessed next Sunday, September 1st. Washington County Public Schools begin, September 3rd. (After Labor Day!) Everyone is invited to color a “Flat Jesus”.  (See below)

“Flat Jesus”: We still have some “Flat Jesus” pictures available for you to color & keep. These are on card stock paper; will be laminated, and cut out. You may have them laminated yourselves, and cut them out. Father Steve & Melanie took their Flat Jesus on the road this past week, and snapped pictures of Flat Jesus at the Sight & Sound Theatre in Lancaster, and also in Pawley’s Island, South Carolina. Flat Jesus is a great “witness tool”!

Father Steve back in South Carolina: Father Steve and Melanie, after traveling to Sights & Sound this past Tuesday, were back in South Carolina in order to watch Liam enter Kindergarten on Wednesday, August 21st. Father Steve & Melanie made this a short trip, and returned home on Friday, August 23rd. Actually, in less than 24 hours, between Tuesday & Wednesday, Father Steve & Melanie went from Hagerstown, to Lancaster, Pa., and to Pawley’s Island, South Caroline. Father Steve & Melanie will be back in South Carolina September 2nd – 5th in order to be present at Liam’s elementary school for grandparent’s day on September 5th. On Friday, September 6th – Saturday September 7th, Father Steve will be in Ocean City, Maryland to Officiate a wedding on the beach.  Woodmont outside Church Service is Sunday, September 8th.

Adult Sunday School – Sundays 10:30ish: Adult Sunday School, returns on Sunday, September, 15th. around 10:30ish a.m. Father Steve has put together a lesson plan to study the Gospel of John. This lesson plan and study of the “4th Gospel”, as it is sometimes called, should take us well into Lent 2020. We will meet in the Church on Sundays around 10:30ish a.m. You may bring your beverages and snacks into the class.

Outside Church Service at the Historic Woodmont Lodge Open House: Father Steve will Celebrate the Outside Holy Eucharist on Sunday, September 8th at the Historic Woodmont Lodge Open House, Hancock, Maryland. The outside service begins at 10:00 a.m., and the Open House begins at 11:00 a.m. Deacon John will remain at St. Andrew’s on September 8th and handle the two Sunday services (7:30 a.m. & 9:00 a.m.) St. Andrew’s. For those planning on going to Woodmont on September the 8th, allow yourself at least 50 minutes travel time from Clear Spring. Driving time from Clear Spring to the Woodmont Lodge turn off is about 30 minutes driving time. HOWEVER, the lane back to Woodmont Lodge is a long dirt/gravel road. You should allow yourself no less than 50  minutes driving time from Clear Spring to the Woodmont Lodge. This added travel time will allow you non-stress travel time to the Woodmont Lodge; park your car/truck; put on bug spray; set up your chairs; and RELAX. There are restrooms in the lodge. Bring a jacket and/or blankets if you wish – sometimes (even in September) it can be chilly at Woodmont. [GPS setting: 11761 Woodmont Road, Hancock, Maryland]

Adult Sign Language: Working on moving ASL to a different day; time, and location. Discussion is being made for the Adult Sign Language Classes to be moved to a Miller’s Farmstead, and be offered through the week.

While talking about language: As you may know, or may not know, one of our parishioners at St. Andrew’s, teaches high school French & Spanish. Father Steve has asked Diane Wenker, if in the future, she would be interested in teaching Spanish at St. Andrew’s, and she said she would be interested. Mantenganse al tanto 

Social Media & Pastoral Concerns: From Father Steve: “I treat Pastoral Concerns/Counseling, as a ‘Private Matter’. With this said, other than maybe posting “Prayers being Lifted”, I will not enter into any Pastoral Counseling/Dialogue in an “Open Air” format on social media. Sorry if this sounds insensitive, but I believe too many people are putting things on social media that should be handled in PRIVATE by those who have professional education/training. Anyone desiring my help with any Pastoral Issues must bring it to my attention in person at the Church; a private message, or telephone call.” 

St. Andrew’s Printed Prayer List (By permission):

Jeff -Cindy – Frank – Larry -Ella – CrystalAll Police Officers – Our First Responders – Our Military – For those suffering addiction – For the Violence in Our Country to End.

In the Military: Bubba Neville; Logan Welch

The Anglican Communion Cycle of Prayer for Sunday, August 25, 2019:

Pray for the Anglican Church of South America

The Most Revd Gregory James Venables – Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Church of South America & Bishop of Argentina

Episcopal Diocese of Maryland Cycle of Prayer for August 25, 2019:

St Mary the Virgin, Baltimore

St Matthias, Baltimore

St Michael & All Angels, Baltimore   –   St. Paul’s Baltimore

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