Announcements for Sunday October 13th

Announcements for Sunday October 13th

Announcements – 21st Sunday after Pentecost

October 13,  2013



Pork -n- Kraut Dinner: A Big Thank You goes to all who worked and supported our Pork-n-Kraut Dinner yesterday. It is good to bring back those things that help support the Church. It is through our activities – that we really learn to be a “Church Community”.

C.R.O.P. Walk last Sunday:  Special Thanks to all who supported the walkers last Sunday. This year; St. Andrew’s was responsible for feeding the walkers after the walk. Our hostess did an excellent job. Thanks to Elizabeth for coordinating the walk. Thanks to all who made sandwiches, soup, and other goodies. Thanks to Darlene & Carlene for transporting & setting up the food & refreshments for the walkers at St. Paul’s Methodist Church in Big Pool. Great Job y’all!

Pet Blessing Last Sunday: We had 15 animals at the pet blessing last Sunday & 20 people in attendance.  There were 12 dogs, 3 hedgehogs. We also had 3 rubber snakes.The snakes were not blessed.

This Wednesday Oct. 16th – 6:00 P.M. – Holy Eucharist:  Contemplative Prayer at 5:45 P.M.  Solemn Feast Day Holy Eucharist Rite I; St. Luke the Evangelist (transferred) 6:00 P.M.  Healing and Unction at  6:45 P.M.

Contemporary Worship Service – Today at 10:15 A.M.:

Our 2nd Contemporary Worship Service is today. “One Mission”  Praise Team

(Fr. Steve is a member) are here to do praise music. I am sure you noticed the musical instruments. Most of the words to music will be projected on a screen. Foundations Family Church, our Christian Bothers & Sisters from Hagerstown; are joining us for our Contemporary Worship today. Some of these folks are also with us this morning at our 9:00 A.M.  Traditional Worship.

Re-usable Bulletins: As mentioned last Sunday, we are now using a re-usable laminated bulletin for the Eucharist. This is a tremendous saving  to the Church, and the environment. Thanks to Chuck & Patty for doing this for the Church. Carlene Staley will continue to donate the scripture inserts, and we will still have printed announcements. Special Thanks goes to Amy & Chris. Fr. Steve has been emailing the weekly master bulletin to Amy and Chris, who in turn have been making copies of the emailed master bulletin for the weekly services.

Mandantory Clergy Conference: Fr. Steve, and Deacon John will be leaving later today for a 2 day Clergy Conference in Ocean City, MD. This conference is mandatory for active clergy in the Diocese of Maryland. Melanie is also attending the conference. The family support group (FOCUS) has an activity planned for the clergy spouses.

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