Announcements 17th Sunday after Pentecost

Announcements 17th Sunday after Pentecost

Announcements – 17th Sunday after Pentecost

                                             September 15,  2013




Contemporary Worship Service Last Sunday: The first  Contemporary Worship Service at 10:15, was well attended last Sunday. There were 28 people who worshipped at this service. Fr. Steve has  received a lot of positive feedback from those who attended the service. The folks who attended the service stayed for fellowship in Perry Hall after the 50 minute service. Currently, the plans are to have this extra service on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 10:15 A.M. Depending on the interest; this service may become more frequent. Some of the attendees  are already submitting their Praise Song request! The next  Contemporary Service is Sunday, October 13th at 10:15 A.M. 

Special Planning Meeting Today: Elizabeth Miller would like to have a meeting today to plan for our Pork & Sauerkraut Dinner which is on Saturday October 12th.

Holy Eucharist this Wednesday – 6:00 PM:  Contemplative prayer at 5:45 P.M. Solemn Feast Day Eucharist Rite I, St. Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist (transferred).  Healing and Unction at 6:45 P.M.

St. Andrew’s T-Shirts: Taking orders now. Sweatshirts coming soon.  Fr. Steve, Melanie, and Pat Kauffman are working on a design for the sweatshirts. The sweatshirts will be embroidered. At this time; there is a desire among some people to get zip-up style hoodie sweatshirts. Anyone having any input? Please talk to Melanie or Patty. We need a minimum order of 12 t-shirts before we order more.

What is Episcopal Cursillo? There are several folks here at St. Andrew’s who have made a Cursillo Weekend at our Bishop Claggett Center. In a quick “nutshell”; Cursillo is one of the many ways for folks to grow in their spiritual relationship and walk with Christ. There is a FAQ flyer on the bulletin board in Perry Hall about Cursillo. Next Sunday  after our 9:00 worship, parishioner Liz Brodell and  Deacon John, will talk about Cursillo.

September 2013 newsletter, “Monthly Epistle” is available: There are copies in the Narthex, Perry Hall, and also available on our St.Andrew’s Church website:

Clear Spring Fall Festival – Oct. 4th & 5th: The 1st Annual Clear Spring Fall Festival is October 4th & 5th. There are plenty of activities, including Food!  This event is sponsored by the Clear Spring High School FFA & FFA Alumni. See Fliers and Kent Reid for complete information.


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